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The non-profit association Zukunft Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar was founded in 1989 as Rhein-Neckar-Dreieck e.V. Its founding members were the cities of Heidelberg, Ludwigshafen and Mannheim, the Palatinate Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCI), the Rhine-Neckar CCI, Raumordnungsverband Rhein-Neckar (the regional planning association that is now Verband Region Rhein-Neckar) and the chemical company BASF. At the annual general meeting on 19 April 2006, Rhein-Neckar-Dreieck e.V. and Initiative Zukunft Rhein-Neckar-Dreieck merged to form today’s Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar e.V.

Kirsten Korte

Kirsten Korte Managing director

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Dr. Christine Brockmann

Dr. Christine Brockmann Managing director

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